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What’s going on here anyway?

A: Please see the other link.

Who the hell are you?

A: My name’s Chris.  Pleased to meet you.

Do you hate Steven Goddard?

A: No.  I don’t really hate anybody.

What do you know about him?

A: Not much.  I had I think only very peripherally heard of him before stumbling into his blog party by following an anonymous link.  And this only came to me on much reflection.  Since starting our interaction I have resisted the temptation, except once very briefly, to check him out online.   I realize all I will find is hagiography or vitriol.  Consequently, I have been learning about him and his belief systems in real time.

I think you’re an idiot!

A: Good for you!  Now go discuss that in the party.  Just don’t get twinky.

Why do you keep referring to this as a party?  It’s really annoying.

A: Well, it’s what I’ve chosen to do.

What happened to your posts on Steven’s site?

A: Some of them were apparently removed because I was “racist“.

Are you a racist?

A: Not that I know of but it’s certainly something that could be brought up in a debate.  As I indicated elsewhere, I think Steven used that as a canard to get me out of his party without seeming like too much of a wuss.

Update:  It turns out that I’m not a racist at all! (that I know of)  Steven actually banned me because I’m a wanker.

Are you crazy?

A: Quite possibly.

Why are you doing this?

A: I’m curious, I’m quixotic and I want to contribute.

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