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The ur-debate, of course, if we can ever get Steven over to the party, is

Be it resolved that:

The world / world outside of Steven Goddard’s conservative box is not as scary as he thinks it is (march; unresolved)

But there are many other interesting options so suggest your own or have at one of these:

Chris is a racist / anti-semite and Steven was justified in banning him (march; unresolved)

The weather’s beautiful here next door to Steven (March 22) RESOLVED!

Stewing in any kind of box is bad for the IQ (march; unresolved)

Chicago is more dangerous than Iraq (march; unresolved)

Which Pavlov is Steven talking about next door? (April 1, unresolved)

April 9, 2013
CONTENDERS: Mark Dice and Professor Jay P. Greene

BE IT RESOLVED that American schools should ban science and spoons to keep kids safe.

DATE: as soon as we can get these guys to get over here.

BETS: I bet Mike over at makeaneffort $10 that he couldn’t get Professor Greene to come and debate education on my site. Mike has since disappeared so the bet, I guess, is off!

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