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What’s going on here:

“I’ve not so much  poked the hive with a stick  as climbed in with the bees and insulted  the honey” – a comment I made to Steven

Essentially, this blog is a real-time exercise in social inquiry and a place for me to do my thing until the debating site can be developed.

The Backstory:

I was flubbering around online like people do, this past Valentine’s day, when I decided to follow a scribol link to a posting I suspected might get up my crack but was sufficiently obscure to be intriguing and found myself at this conservative fellow’s blog party (Real Science -Steven Goddard).  I thought – hunh – ok chris, let’s check him out before we make any judgements, even though my crack was already starting to itch, so I went to the about section to find out more about him and found – nothing!  It being Valentines day, and me being impatient because Valentines’s night was approaching and I wanted to explore some more, I made a ratty comment, took a look at something else and was on my way out the vrtu-door when my posting was suddenly hoisted to the mast head under the heading: another newbie conspiracy theorist.

Well!  Let met tell you, I had to check THIS stuff out.  So off I went and found myself essentially dangling there in front of his acolytes while they had their fun.   And so it was on.

I spent the better part of that day responding to postings made by Steven’s supporters while also attempting to grasp who these people were and what it was that was motivating them to bloviate so readily and without any apparent self-awareness.  Over the next few days, I parsed this in my mind and came to the conclusion that fear was the root cause, fear and the desire to be in a comfortable space where all the crazy uncertainties of the world can be forgotten as familiar themes are repeated on and on, ad nauseum.  This was, in essence, their happy place.  Once that became clear, it seemed to me unfortunate that the internet had brought us to this: people walling themselves off in particular intellectual boxes, in this case a conservative box, because they find their beliefs and opinions to be outside the bounds of what most people are willing to accept. And there they fester.

I’ve been dropping by this past month, from time to time, to read and leave commentary.  Yesterday, Stephen banned me for being a racist!

Pretty amazing journey really.  From libtard to racist by way of being a gaggle of attack trolls, an obsessive, a lunatic and a botnet, all played out on the Real Science blog pages! Anyway, as I understand it, Steven has finally found a reason to keep me out of his blog party indefinitely.

The goal is to develop a libertarian debating platform, a sort of ufc of ideas, at which people of various stripes can debate anything under the sun, under a common set of guidelines impartially administered.

Have at it.

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